Dr Serena Smith PhD

Psychoanalyst Melbourne
Registered Analyst (ACP), Accredited Mental Health Social Worker (AMHSW)

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It is impossible to say exactly how long psychoanalysis will take as we cannot apply a standard dose, given the practice is ‘one by one’. The length of the treatment depends on many factors such as the frequency of attendance, the desire of the patient to work hard at free association, the persistence of the symptom and/or the depth of the crises.
But usually it is a medium to long term process.Most commonly, psychoanalysis involves attending multiple sessions per week, with the frequency of these sessions negotiated during preliminary interviews.
The cost of sessions is also negotiated between the analyst and person seeking treatment at the time of the preliminary interviews.

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My practice is open week days between 8am–9pm.
My rooms are located:
21/202 The Avenue, Parkville, 3052.

To make an initial appointment please contact me by leaving a confidential message  (I will endeavour to return your message as soon as possible).

1) Phone: 0409 191 404 (please leave a message if I am unable to answer)

2) Email: serenasm@internode.on.net