Dr Serena Smith PhD

Psychoanalyst Melbourne
Registered Analyst (ACP), Accredited Mental Health Social Worker (AMHSW)

Who is Best Suited?

Psychoanalysis is suited to all individuals; adults, adolescents, and children, suffering from a broad range of clinical disorders including; psychotic disorders, personality disorders, anxiety disorders, trauma related disorders and mood disorders such as bi-polar. In work with children, where speech is less developed, play related activities are also used to facilitate the work of therapy. As long as the subject has a desire to enter therapeutic work and can speak for themselves they can proceed. A period of preliminary interviews provide the analyst and person seeking treatment the opportunity to consider the suitability of analytic work to their particular circumstances. When the client is a child, or young adolescent, discussion with parents is a necessary component of the therapeutic work.

Who I work with
Many people benefit from psychoanalytic treatment, as noted above, and in my practice I work with people experiencing a range of problems such as:
- Anxiety and panic disorders (including phobias)
- DepressionPost natal depression
- Parenting adjustment issues (including issues relating to fertility)
- Addictions of various kinds (including gambling)
- Eating disorders and body image issues
- Gender identity issues
- Childhood trauma, particularly related to abuse
- Transition issues linked to adolescence
- Bi-polar conditions
- Relationship problems
- Psychotic disorders
- Personality disorders
- Grief and loss issues
- General issues related to life transitions/adjustment to changes such as life phase related, work related, or relationship related.